C# and .NET Development

A back-end web development framework that is reliable and will never go out of fashion

Developing in a framework that is backed up by Microsoft, gives us huge flexibility and, at the same time, support from the community who strives to create the best back-end framework we need to develop your next big idea.

.NET framework

C# is part of the .NET family, which is developed by Microsoft

Object Oriented

C# uses the core programming paradigm, which all developer professionals know

Very Versatile

C# can be used to develop the back-end of both web and desktop apps; .NET Core allows us to develop cross-platform apps for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Stable and up to date

Being developed by Microsoft, C# might be old but it’s highly stable and resourceful, and it’s always evolving to meet the ongoing needs and


.NET Projects


Years of .NET Development


.NET Core version we use


C# Developers

Developing C# applications over the Years

Started to develop desktop-base apps

Elevator inspections management systems

Automated Lending Investment Tool


Pivoting into building web based apps

Modernisation and Scalability for Energy Saving Services

AI powered platform to enhance enterprises' performance


Focusing on developing web-based apps

Fully Digital Workflows for Architecture Practice

Web AI Solution Helping Companies Save Millions by Eliminating Double Payments


We use C# for backend development.

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