Integrity I is using state of the art graphical interfaces, laser scan data, and 3D files working with a database to manage, organize and present digital records of anomalies within industrial plants. This system provides an easy-to-use method of recording, managing and archiving anomalies, both facilitating and improving planning anomalies rectification, also providing a safe and stable work environment by reducing safety risk exposure.It can be used by all levels within an organization - from senior management for reviews and strategic planning, engineers for analysis and investigation, designers to extract the construction drawings, to the work squad who will repair the anomaly on-site.


Use of TruViews to accurately locate issues / plant anomalies and tag them into a centralized database.

Filter and display anomalies based on their locations, types, priorities and categories (Piping, Structural, or other).

Allows simultaneous access for multiple users, with security roles.

Real-time reporting and custom output data.

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Our Solution

Tailored solutions were developed that meet their business needs, which included:

  • Integrity i uses 3D data and panoramic images to accurate locate the anomalies.
  • Use of plant’s General Arrangements to display the anomalies locations
  • A client-server system.
  • Fast data-introduction and processing protocols.

Business value

Improved planning.

Minimize the plant shut-down.

Targeted and effective rectifying campaigns for industrial plants.

Improved safety case.

Cost effective.

Fully plan work and brief work squads without visiting the site.

Client Testimonial

We have been using the services of Fabrit Global for several years. Whether database development and management, or creation of bespoke software applications, Fabrit have successfully supported our needs over that time and we have always found Alex and his team responsive, knowledgeable and professional.

Allan Pringle - Managing Director

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