NB Surveys are world leaders in delivering engineering design support services for the oil and gas industry and across a range of industrial applications. For over 30 years they were assisting local authorities, engineering and design houses, power and utility companies, delivering value at every stage.


Each department in NB Surveys used to have and rely on a collection of spreadsheets or word documents, or perhaps even written records that are used to track customer relations. After years, it become more and more difficult to manage all these spreadsheets and documents.

The danger with these systems is the risk of human error and duplicate data which is extremely high. It can lead to missed sales opportunities, leads going cold, customers not getting the support they deserve and employees falling behind on their targets.

NB Surveys decided they require a centralized and more robust system, but different businesses have different needs and what works for one company may not necessarily work for another. It was therefore impossible to find a perfect CRM solution off the shelf, that will do everything they needed. A bespoke option that’s tailored specifically for their needs was a more appropriate and cost effective option in the long run.

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Our Solution

Fabrit Global is helping NB Surveys since 2014 to streamline their operations, to put together and implement desktop based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and complex tools to increase business productivity and day-to-day operations, improve flexibility and balance their needs effectively.

Tailored solutions were developed that meet their business needs, which included:

  • Tender creation with CTR estimates and project durations
  • Jobs management including work in progress, costs and time tracking functionalities, deadlines, deliverables, customer / internal feedback and real-time notifications and reporting
  • Personnel management and scheduling
  • Equipment management including scheduling, calibrations deadlines, depreciation.
  • Timesheet input and management
  • Invoicing management

Business value

The feedback from our customer was the confirmation of the value added to their business. The system is now way more cost effective and their day-to-day operations have improved.

Client Testimonial

We have been using the services of Fabrit Global for several years. Whether database development and management, or creation of bespoke software applications, Fabrit have successfully supported our needs over that time and we have always found Alex and his team responsive, knowledgeable and professional.

Allan Pringle - Managing Director

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