PlanSea offer operational management control, fleet optimisation and vessel scheduling software for the offshore oil and gas marine support sector. As part of the ongoing operational process the PlanSea algorithms automatically generates customisable management information, provides cost allocation and also allows users to easily evaluate and capitalise on vessel sharing and/or collaboration opportunities.


PlanSea is a spin-out company from the Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, Scotland. Whilst being able to draw on the extensive resources of RGU in the development of optimization algorithms, they required further support with their software development. PlanSea was looking for a team to closely collaborate with all departments within the company for designing and developing the client facing web application which will use their decision support algorithms.

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Delivered Solution

Fabrit Global come up with a solution that delivered increased efficiency through optimised scheduling, providing a quick decision support tool to remove the drudgery and time-consuming effort of schedule development.

The solution made it possible to provide real-time operational information on vessel location, status and more, and allow for an accurate and timely exchange of information and instructions.

Business value

The feedback from our customer was the confirmation of the value added to their business. The system is now way more cost effective and their day-to-day operations have improved.

Client Testimonial

Alex and the Fabrit Global team go about their work very professionally and deliver code to a high standard. When we needed an urgent response on a change, they delivered on time..

David McKay - Product Development, PlanSea

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