Las Vegas Entertainment Park Gamification Digital Application

Our client, a Las Vegas-based entertainment park innovator wants to create a groundbreaking entertainment experience. Their objective was to blend traditional park thrills with a cutting-edge gamification system designed to significantly boost client retention and engagement. Unlike conventional parks, this project was engineered to provide guests with ongoing challenges to refine their abilities, earn ranks, and receive in-app currency rewards. These rewards could be used to purchase branded merchandise, amplifying brand visibility. The park encourages guests of all ages to develop a variety of skills, including speed, agility, and strength. 






Las Vegas



1 year

Technologies used:


Client’s Requirements:

Our mission was to help the client with the development of a gamification system capable of tracking the performance of park guests across various attractions, adding a competitive edge to each visit. 



Challenge 1: Precision Timing 

The challenge was to develop a precise time tracking for each run as well as having accurate leader boards and ranking systems. 

The system is designed as a network of RFID devices, which tracks a guests progress from one obstacle to another. This requires a very precise timing system, to obtain an accurate result.  

Solution: We decided to use a centralized timing mechanism as a clock synchronization between the RFID devices.

Challenge 2: Interactive Feedback 

Real time visual and sound feedback for guest intraction with the RFID devices. Depending on the gamification rules we need to provide a visual and visual sound notification to our guest, in case of invalid moves, expired tickets and succesful games complitions. 

Solution: To maximize performance and response time, we use an in-memory cache system to store everyone's progress and analyze the validity of each move. Depending on the result, we send specific feedback visual and auditive to the runner knows exactly what to do.

Challenge 3: System Availability – On Mobile App and Web Platform

At least a part of the system needs to be hosted on-site due to the requirement for real-time processing of customer events. The mobile app and management platform must be accessible from anywhere, at any time, and in a secure manner. It is also crucial to ensure that user data is backed up and that the system can be scaled up when necessary. 

Solution: A hybrid cloud services system architecture that combines both pure cloud services and on-premise infrastructure with queuing systems for reliable data transfer has been implemented. We utilize cloud hosting environments which provide infrastructure redundancy, data backups, and nearly 100% uptime, along with easy and fast resource scaling. The cloud and the park’s services communicate with each other through dedicated queues. The park infrastructure, being in close proximity to the RFID network, can process each event in real-time. It then automatically uploads each result to the cloud infrastructure to ensure availability on mobile devices. 

The mobile app is available in both the Apple and Google stores to ensure maximum client exposure. Every piece of data is transferred securely, adhering to the best practices in web security, such as the HTTPS protocol, secure authentication mechanisms, and private networks. 

Challenge 4: Diverse Team Coordination 

Managing extended and sub-teams while working with multiple technologies demands expertise in mobile and web development, embedded engineering, design capabilities and strong leadership and communication skills. 

Solution: We merged our senior developers' expertise with the motivation and the energy of young engineers, fostering a productive and inclusive workspace. With challenges at every step, communication and fast problem solving was assured by working in an Agile Scrum environment. 


 Park Infrastructure: 

 RFID Network: scanpoints

The RFID network monitors runners performance on each track. 

Real-Time Leaderboard:

Displays top scores and recent achievements, fostering a competitive atmosphere. 

Sync Mechanism:  

Ensures real-time data synchronization across the park's attractions.  

Cloud Infrastructure: 

Admin Portal: For top-level management of the park's operations and gamification settings. 

Scalable System: Allows for expansion, supporting any number of parks. 

Customizable Platform: Gives administrators the tools to craft unique gaming experiences. 

Key features:

Implementation of an RFID-based network to monitor performance. 

Real-time leaderboard showcasing top and latest game results. 

A scalable cloud infrastructure for administrative control. 

A mobile application providing a personalized experience for guests. 

Deployment and Launch 

Deployment Strategy and Execution 

We implemented CI/CD pipelines within Azure DevOps to streamline the deployment from development to production environments. These pipelines automated repetitive tasks, minimized errors and facilitated rapid application of changes. A library of configurations was also established to fine-tune system behavior. 



Our system records each runner's progress in milliseconds and syncs with the cloud to display results on park leaderboards instantaneously. We've achieved hardware symbiosis, collecting data and providing feedback, and ensuring robust security for system communication. Firmware updates are efficient with customized Over the Air technology. 

Seamless integration with third-party park systems offers a smooth customer journey from ticket purchase to activity tracking via our mobile app. 

Contributions to Client's Business and User Engagement Goals 

Our gamification solution boosts business and engagement by:  

Competition: Creates a rewarding competitive environment.  

Health Benefits: Encourages more active participation, promoting healthier lifestyles.   

Increased Profits: Longer park stays translate to higher revenue from extended sessions and on-site spending.  

Customer Retention: The app keeps users engaged post-visit with updates, fostering a continuous connection and potential for in-app purchases, thus providing park administrators with a tool for ongoing customer engagement.  

This integration of deployment strategy, team coordination and the technology itself ensures that the client’s business objectives and user engagement goals are met, reinforcing the park’s position as a leading destination for entertainment.