An execution system for automating the investment in consumer loans from peer to peer lending platforms: Lending Club and Prosper. The main focus of the system is to display the available loans from the platforms, rate each loan based on user defined parameters, generate and submit order to the platforms.


Handle two peer-to-peer consumer loan online platforms into the same system.

Brokers are doing manual investments at multiple hours in a day for each investment platform.

Manual input is slow and the best loans are filling very quickly by other competitors.

Build a milliseconds system to gather the loans very quickly.

Calculate required orders in milliseconds.

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Delivered Solution

Translate the broker’s thinking / loans filtering into an automated system. A client-server multithreaded system composed from data processing servers, data storage servers and distributed nodes for data pulling

Milliseconds execution algorithms to invest in the most profitable loans. Real time data display for quick review and ad-hoc analysis. Daily and monthly investments analytics and statistics.

Business value

Available cash is invested fast, orders are submitted faster than the competition. The system generates an average of 70% successful rate of investment.

Client Testimonial

The engineers at Fabrit have done an excellent job in all aspects of the software development lifecycle. They work hard to truly understand our requirements; they consistently implement all of our specifications correctly and at a very fast rate; and they offer a great level of support and maintenance on the systems they have built for us. They are also proactive – suggesting new features and improvements to our existing systems. We would recommend them for anyone seeking to develop custom proprietary software for their business.

James Egan - Hedge Fund Trader

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