Custom Learning Management System for Professional Training Practice

MindEducation is a personal development practice that offers therapy services. As the demand for their services grew, they wanted to reach and support more people with the help of technology.

The recent pandemic confirmed that their desire to tackle online education too is urgent, especially since more and more people were finding it difficult to reach for 1-2-1 consultations.

Like many others, MindEducation looked into an off-the-shelf solution, but they soon realised their innovative outlook needed a dedicated solution.



MindEducation is a personal development consultancy practice. They focus on offering therapy services for their clients, in order to contribute to the wellbeing and mental balance of the world. The dedicated team formed of therapists and coaches, deliver emotional intelligence trainings for their partners.

They stepped into the digital world with educational podcasts and webinars first. Then they saw the potential of online teaching and learning, the team decided it’s time to move their entire teaching services online.






Bucharest, RO



8 months

Technologies used:



With an increased need and interest in the mental health and wellbeing field, and also faced with difficulties when it came to face-to-face meetings, MindEducation decided to find new ways to reach more people.

Human interaction means a lot for their practice and they looked into ways to pass on their knowledge through an alternative way that was still meaningful and interactive.

What’s different about this project is that three different companies joined to create an online learning platform. They target different audiences (couples, teachers, schools, corporations) but their goal and vision is the same.

Just like most of the other companies, they decided to move their activity online with the help of an online learning platform that they later called Sinergie.


MindEducation’s need was pretty simple, yet complex: they needed an online learning management system for their courses and a team of dedicated developers to build an enhanced online learning experience.

Our team brought to the table relevant experience of developing a cloud platform for video courses, covering all the key technology challenges associated with their envisioned project: data security, high volume storage, video encoding and sharing, bandwidth and connectivity issues.


With MindEducation's perception that customizing an off-the-shelf platform would be sufficient for what they wanted to achieve, we started to assess different solutions available on the market that would accommodate their needs.

We found a good match and we started to look into the implementation and the possibilities to enhance some of the standard capabilities of the platform.

A Holistic Web LMS

We teamed up with designers and marketing specialists to come up with a web platform to cover all users aspects: from knowledge to user experience.

Online video streaming is widely popular and we know that the UX is vital during the learning process. So we took some extra time to make sure we optimised the storage, speed and mobile interface, in order to offer an excellent experience to the users.

Business Consultation

We gathered all the requirements and evaluated the resources needed, estimated the development time, and thought about other potential implications the integration with an off-the-shelf platform might bring.

After a thorough business analysis and as the requirements became clearer and clearer for us and for our partner, we came to the conclusion that a custom solution will pay off better in the medium to long term.

Essentially, the decision was made because the business model was somehow unique in the way that the platform had to accommodate three companies under the same umbrella, each of them with slightly different user experiences. Moreover, the platform has to be integrated with marketing and accounting software and the owners envisioned new functionalities to be added in the future. All these required us to build the learning management system from scratch.


We wanted to have a quick go-to market, to test the product, get user feedback and deal with the contracts the client had in place.

A solid MVP

When we decided that we wanted to go with a fully custom-made solution, we split the development into different phases and we started to work on the MVP.

It was finished within a few weeks and our partners had a basic online learning platform that could host and organise courses using video, image or PDF files.

Starting with an MVP and releasing it quickly to the market, is the best way to start the development of a digital product. It helps our partner test the new functionalities, get quick feedback, and get a clearer image of what their clients would like for the final version of the product.


Admin Functionalities

By choosing to build the online learning platform from scratch, we were able to develop all the desired custom functionalities for the admin users.

They can generate reports about courses (who accessed it, how it was bought, if a discount code was used, etc.) but also user-usage reports (courses viewed, assigned organization, coupons used, and more).

Furthermore, course authors have control over their public profile, that end users see.



The system was required to help students prove their newly gained skills, so it can generate progress reports and certificates on course completion.

Teachers can upload certificate templates to the platform. When students complete the courses, the templates are auto-filled with their personal details and sent via email.

Users Tracking

Users Can Track Their Activity

User have individual profiles, where they can see different information about their activity on the platform, such as:

  • Type of coupons used
  • Amount paid for the courses
  • Course’s progress
  • Organisation their assigned to, and more

We have integrated a Benefit system for automatic coupons generation, including gift cards.

Companies can buy pre-defined packages for their employees, offering them as part of a Reward and Recognition program.



For the payment functionality, we went with our go-to, highly secure, online payment processing system – Stripe. Furthermore, we connected the system to the client’s invoicing software.

Each course on the platform can be bought individually. There’s also an annual subscription plan available, which users can choose if they want full access to all the courses.



Adapting their business model for eLearning proved to be the right decision for MindEducation. Within a couple of months from the launch, Sinergie already had over 1.500 users enrolled.

Students invested (collectively) over 385 days of their time on their own development, by completing the courses on the platform.

Through close collaboration and flexibility, together with MindEducation’s vision we managed to develop a digital product that fully meets their needs and expectations.


Mihai Zoican

Processes Leader

Wellbeing Institute Cluj

I still feel impressed with how creative Fabrit Global is in generating solutions for our needs. We just know what we need, and they come up with easy-to-use solutions, which are developed and deployed fast. Their flexibility and very fast delivery is one of their strongest points


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