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What we do

Application development

Develop custom digital applications to take your business to the next level.

Product development

Build the digital product that enables you to become a recognized leader in your market.


Accelerate your business with scalable and secure end-to-end Cloud Solutions.

Application modernization

Turn legacy software applications into modern technology that makes your business thrive.

Staff augumentation

Grow your team with highly skilled engineers, fast and easy.

Our Capabilities

Web Development

Mobile Development

Integrations Development

Cloud Application Development

Microsoft Power Automation

Manual and Automated Testing

UX / UI Design

Our Tech Stack

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Application Development

Develop custom digital applications to take your business to the next level.


Benefit from effective collaboration, backed up by deep technical expertise and outstanding commitment. From internal core processes automation and digitization to building client-facing digital platforms, bespoke software applications could make your business prosper.

Business & Requirements Analysis

Evaluate your business objectives and application requirements, assess feasibility and risks, and translate business cases to technical concepts

UX / UI Design

Create meaningful user experiences and beautiful user interfaces with user flows, wireframes, mockups, low and high-fidelity design

Custom Software Development

Develop data-driven web or mobile applications with cutting-edge technologies to digitize and improve your vital business processes

Integrations Development

Build plugins and APIs to connect different applications and systems within your organization for better efficiency and interoperability

Cloud Application Development

Design cloud app infrastructure, and system architecture and develop scalable and secure applications in Microsoft Azure

IoT Software Development

Develop software applications that collect and aggregate information from various devices and use it to improve your business

Proven Process

Product Development

Build the digital product that enables you to become a recognized leader in your market.


The right product development partner will help you design, build and scale the web and mobile applications meant to get you there. We can turn your idea into a market-ready digital product or scale-up your successful product.

Product Prototyping

Create an interactive visualization of your digital product to test the general concept of the design with users, stakeholders, or investors.

MVP Development

Bring the product's fundamental features to the market and test the core needs of end-users to see if it has the potential to succeed.

Product/Market Fit Development

Build a feature-rich digital product and iterate the development process until you reach the product/market fit.

Product Scaling

Take your product to the next level, with improved security, new features and scaling capabilities.

UX & UI Design

Provide meaningful and relevant experiences to your users through intuitive and modern user interfaces.

Web & Mobile Development

Make your ambitious business goals a reality by creating the right custom web or mobile application.

Proven Process


Accelerate your business with scalable end-to-end Cloud Services


Take control of your web application with powerful cloud tools like Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Docker and more. Have a certified Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner design, implement and maintain the right cloud infrastructure for faster deployment, better performance and higher security.

Infrastructure Setup

Design and implement cloud solutions related to IaaS, PaaS, scalability, cost-optimization, security and migration

Continuous Integration

Practice continuous code merges and run automated tests to speed up development time and avoid code integration challenges

Continuous Delivery

Have an easy, fast and automated release process that helps you deploy your application live whenever it is best for your business

Continuous Automated Testing

Build and run automated tests to ensure quick delivery and quality at every stage of development

Continuous Management and Optimisation

Create back-up and disaster recovery plans, monitor the system’s efficiency and optimize it for cost-reduction, performance and scalability

Proven Process

Application Modernization

Turn legacy software applications into modern technology that makes your business thrive.


From strengthened security to enhanced UX & UI and better performance we help your business stay ahead of the curve by translating legacy applications into stable and scalable solutions.

Replatforming Services

Make code changes to the application so that it can be hosted in a new platform (eg. Azure).

Re-architecturing Services

Modify the application’s architecture, functionality and code, in order to scale better in the Cloud

Legacy Code Modernization

Migrate the application’s code to a newer version, or from an outdated programing language to a modern one.

Refactoring Services

Improve the readability and maintainability of existing code, for better productivity, speed and scalability.

Proven Process

Staff Augmentation

Grow your team with highly skilled engineers, fast and easy


Cut costs, and reduce onboarding time by bringing in experienced and responsible engineers for faster business scaling with IT staff augmentation.

We Are One-Team Together

Working side-by-side with us feels like working with just another member of your team.

Partnering with a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified specialists, very dedicated and deeply invested in your project, will push you further to successfully achieve your business objectives.

We cover all skills and capabilities that will help you build modern, stable and scalable software.

  • Back-end Development

  • Front-end Development

  • UI/UX Design

  • DevOps Services

    Azure DevOps
  • Quality Assurance

  • Project Management

    MS TeamsMS Boards

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