Our Workflow - Development Steps for Your Digital Product

From initial analysis, to the big launch, here’s all you need to know.

Development Steps

Business Analysis

Get clarity on requirements and set up clear expectations

We start by understanding your business vision. Together we look into analysing several aspects such as: your business model, your needs or challenges, how you currently operate, long-term sustainability of the envisioned product and many more.

By listening carefully and asking relevant questions we make you feel heard and understood. We get into appropriate details to ensure clarity and alignment on requirements and the final digital solution.


Digital Solution Strategy

Best action plan for your challenge

With your main needs in mind, we put our expertise to work in order to develop a digital strategy. We advise on what type of software might best fit your use cases and provide relevant technical options you can choose from.

We can even research the market for off-the-shelf alternatives for you. If exists, yeeyyy, we encourage you to adopt it so you spend less, if not, we move forward to sketching your product.


Software Architecture

Sketching the product foundation and address risk-mitigation upfront

A software architect starts sketching components of your product. He shows you how data flows through the system, how it integrates among your current workflows and tools and address security constraints to comply with your business.

You also get an in-depth understanding of the technology that lies behind it and an initial, realistic sketch of your product.

Ultimately, the goal is to give you a comprehensive map of the future software system so you can verify that it fulfills your needs before building it. This reduces risks and chance of failure, while your challenge is now turned into actionable, prioritized development steps.


Agile Development

New features every two weeks

We use the term “sprints” to plan our work. Sprints are nothing else than your products’ main milestones that we break into smaller goals in order to develop them quickly and efficiently.

Below you can get a better understanding of our sprint planning development.


We set the main features to focus on within the next two weeks

UX/UI Design

We pay close attention to details in order to design an intuitive and appealing interface


Our software engineers build the code for the functionality and the product’s user interface

Quality Assurance

A quality assurance engineer performs manual and automated tests to check various scenarios and make sure the functionalities work as expected


Every two weeks, you’ll be able to interact with a new part of your product. Use this stage to be the harshest critic: check if the functionalities look, work and feel the way you envisioned.


Go Live

Cheers! 🍻 Your product is ready for launch!

Now you have a robust, fully functional and easy-to-use application that you can’t wait to use with your entire team or sell to your customers.

A DevOps engineer sets up the deployment infrastructure to make sure that all the improvements or new functionalities get to you fast, in a seamless and safe way.

While the “hard” work is somehow completed by now, there is another step...


Support and New Functionalities

Striving for excellence

The log-in button doesn’t look quite right anymore after a web browser update? Or should a previous functionality be improved? No problem! It’s part of our collaborative partnership to improve your product constantly.

A custom-made software should fit your business like a glove and needs to keep up with the latest technologies and trends as well.

Looking for the right approach for your technical challenge?