Education is Going Digital!

Digital learning platforms are here to build and support the future of education. Learn what it means to develop an eLearning platform for your business.

The urge to adopt digital solutions in education

Knowledge and education are important pillars of our growth. We’ve witnessed how dramatically industries can change in a matter of months.

Online learning is a mandatory step for the future development of education. With an expected market value of $350 billion by 2025, online education is here to stay.

From public schools and Universities, to private coaching practices, learning institutions are bringing learning in the digital world.

Benefits of Building a LMS

Adapting or transitioning a business model from offline to online is definitely a big, intimidating step. But in this case, the benefits outweigh the complexity of switching your business model.

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf

The old, long debate between which software development approach will best fit your needs might seem never ending. But we can help! Check below a quick comparison between building a custom learning platform versus using an off-the-shelf solution.


  • Takes more time to implement
  • 100% customisable
  • Typically, it is more expensive
  • High ROI on medium to long term
  • Dedicated infrastructure for your specific needs
  • Will match your branding
  • You own the platform, you can build a technology driven business more easily


  • Available right away to use
  • Cheap on the short term
  • Might become insufficient for your business model
  • Basic, most common features available
  • Already integrated with other widely used software platforms (accounting, payments etc.)
  • Custom-developed enhancement might be very expensive

Everything You Need to Know to Develop a Custom LMS

Must-have Features

When it comes to developing new features for an enhanced learning experience, imagination is the limit. But first, let’s look into the most appreciated features each online learning platform should offer.

Sinergie: An Educational Business Gone Digital

Sinergie Application





Bucharest, RO



8 months

About the Client

MindEducation is a personal development consultancy practice. They focus on offering therapy services for their clients, in order to contribute to the wellbeing and mental balance of the world. They stepped into the digital world with educational podcasts and webinars first, followed by developing a custom LMS for their courses.

The Challenge

Being unable to reach people face-to-face anymore, and wanting to deliver their vision to a larger audience, Mind Education decided to move their activity online - with the help of an online learning management system platform they later called Sinergie.

Our Solution

Our team brought to the table relevant experience of developing a cloud platform for video courses, covering all the key technology challenges associated with their envisioned project: data security, high volume storage, video encoding and sharing, bandwidth and connectivity issues.



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